How to measure and estimate cost

For each of your radiators, you will need to gather three measurements. Precision is not necessary at this stage.  

Measure #1 Width:   Measure the radiator from side to side (don't forget to include the pipe and valve). 

Measure #2 Height:  Measur from the floor to top of radiator.

Measure #3 Depth: Measure from the front to the back wall.

Email with the W x H x D for each radiator and the style(s) that you are interested in and we will prepare a detailed estimate for you within a day or two.  It always helps to have photos too, especially if you have questions.  

Alternatively, we can come take the measurements for you onsite. However please note that there is a fee of $150 for doing so. If you proceed with the order of at least three radiator covers (or minimum $1,000) this fee is deducted from your order.